San Eusebio rectoral house XVIII century, vineyards, and winery

Val do Miño – Ferreiros (Ribeira Sacra)

Vineyard, winery and tasting room

Val do Miño – Ferreiros (Ribeira Sacra)

New project inVal do Miño Ferrerios (Ribeira Sacra)

with experience in other vineyards and wineries.


rural accommodation

Rectory House, whose construction is dated from the eighteenth century, consists of 7 bedrooms, several lounges, wine cellar, garden and tasting room.

Privileged natural environment, in a historical building and that can perform activities related to the world of wine



In Val Do Miño (Ribeira Sacra), we have taken care of our vineyards to obtain a high-quality grape, with which we produce our wines respecting the character of each terroir and each variety.

As we had been doing in Sierra de Gredos or in the Sierra de Ávila, the vineyard is the one that commands, that directs our work and that conditions our agenda.

wine tourism

An experience to enjoy wine in a close, didactic, and pleasant way. We intend to communicate the artisan process of caring for the vine, its pruning, its growth, its harvesting which has to be done at the moment the plant asks for it, and the processes of winemaking. 




2 nights with breakfast

3 wines tasting

120€/per person




7 nights with breakfast

3 wines tasting

360€/per person




rural accommodation

The Casa Rectoral de San Eusebio, has different spaces, where you can organize different types of activities depending on the needs of each client.

If you want to organize an event for your company, a presentation for clients, a family celebration, we have spaces with capacity from 12 to 120 people.

interior and exterior spaces

We have spaces equipped with Wi-Fi connection and which are welcoming for the celebration of any event.

These include our old winery, the tasting room, or the garden with views of the vineyard and the Miño Valley.

Events can also be organized in the vineyard environment, both outdoors and in mobile tents.

catering service

We have a catering service that can offer you a wide range of top-quality products with which to prepare a healthy menu.

Our event rooms can be adapted to the specific needs of the event to be held.



As an example, our first event on the occasion of the inauguration of The Rectory House

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