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ferreiros. ourense.

We have found in this place, a singular place. The place is spectacular which allows us to have a direct connection with nature. We knew right away, and we have worked hard to achieve it, that it is possible to reflect our way of understanding life through the wines we can make here.

In Adega Ferreiros, located in Ferreiros, Coles, Ourense, we now have our main winery, which is semi-buried and recently built. Its modern equipment allows the production of 70 thousand liters of wine. We work 2 ha of vineyards and have another 2 ha of controlled vineyards.

NEXT WINES 2020 (Available in 2021)

  • Albariño Ferreiros 2020
  • Treixadura Ferreiros 2020
  • Godello y Palomino Ferreiros 2020
  • Palomino Ferreiros 2020
  • Mencia Ferreiros 2020
  • Mecía O Boco 2020
  • Loureira 2020

work we do

The characteristics of each place and each vineyard condition the work to be done, although in all of them we use traditional methods for the care of each vineyard and the surrounding landscape

Organic agriculture is the one that predominates in our daily work. Biodynamics allows us to better adapt to the needs of each vineyard to understand their needs and take better care of them. We already know from experience in other places how difficult it is to evaluate its immediate success, but we are aware that after a sufficient period of time the vineyard will return to us the work, we have done in results of greater vigour and better expression.

In Ferreiros, we have 2 hectares of our own vineyards. 1. 8 ha is the La Diestral estate, a vineyard located on a rocky hill, facing south, and planted 10 years ago. The 3 varieties are Godello, Albariño and Loureira.

In an adjacent row and more to the south of La Diestral we have a small vineyard of 0,4 has. of Mencia.

The work that most stimulates us is that of improving the state of a vineyard through respectful and artisan viticulture.

We have grapes from several vineyards close to ours that are worked by local winegrowers and whose processes we control.

In both vineyards there are several organized and important works for the 2020 campaign,

  • Replanting of dry plants
  • Dunging the vineyard
  • Re-conduction of the prunning

The soil, which is largely made up of granite shales and in which there are rocky outcrops, especially in the highest part of the vineyard, requires an organic contribution that nourishes the plants so as to improve their vigour


The dunging will be done with composted toxo and cow dung.


All the work we do in the vineyard is done with the maximum respect for the plant’s vegetative cycle and trying to improve the conditions of the soil so that the plant has a healthy and sufficiently nourished environment to be able to develop.

It is a matter of first consolidating a young vineyard that must manage to be more vigorous and provide us with nuances that give complexity and structure to our wines.

The Mencia vineyard is about 30 years old and has already adapted to its environment much more, so we know that it is a vineyard with great potential in a short time.

After the dunging, the pruning and the work on the ground is done to make the trunks to each plant.

Pruning is always an important task that requires on this occasion a serious and complete retraining of each plant, looking for lower yields and higher quality.

In the winery, we try to respect the characteristics of the grapes as much as possible in each vintage, always seeking to ensure that the grapes are as fresh as possible. We collect the grapes in 12-kilo boxes and cool them in a cold room to lower their temperature.

We normally destem all the grapes and macerate them with their skins, as an infusion, which allows us to extract the maximum expression from each variety.

We use a pneumatic press that we adapt in intensity according to each plot, seeking to make the extraction delicate.

We produce in tanks of different volumes depending on the production of each farm.

Spontaneous and temperature-controlled fermentation.

Respectful and delicate transfers.

Breeding that does not modify the essence of each variety.

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