Red wines pack: com_pasión, carpentum & amarok


Handmade wine-making process.

Garnacha100%  and Mencía 100%

  2019 y 2020

   Pack 3 bottles 33€

Shipping cost: Galicia 6€ , Spain 8€. For other destinations consult us.

amarok 2020

/// Amarok. It is the name of our Mencía grape variety, and we have been inspired by one of the sculptures that preside over the roof of the Church of Santo Eustebio de Peroxa, in Ferreiros. In Inuit mythology (Canada, Alaska) the Amarok represents the spirit of a gigantic wolf. In our church it represents evil and is located under another sculpture that represents a lamb, as a symbol of good
  • Location of the vineyards: All the grapes come from vineyards located in the Concello de Coles, in the province of Ourense in Galicia, Spain, facing South and West. Some of the vines have granitic soil and others slate, in both cases the depth being 50 to 100 centimeters. The altitude is between 200 and 250 meters.
  • Viticulture: Trellis vineyard, with 40  year old vines. Use of natural compost. Worked in ecological. Wine’s village, from various plots.
  • Elaboration: 2020 is the first vintage. The characteristics of the soil (granite and slate) and the climatological characteristics (rainy spring, even at the beginning of summer) have resulted in a very low yield. Manual harvest. Selection of grapes in the vineyard and in the winery. Destemmed grapes. Native yeasts. Fermentation for 15 to 20 days in stainless steel tanks of 5,000 litters with cold temperature control. Aging in 400 and 500 L French oak barrels for 4 months. Neither filtered nor clarified, so we have a totally natural wine.
  • Degrees: 13 % vol alc
  • Variety: Mencía 100%
  • IGP Val do Miño. This Protected Geographical Identification regulates the production of grapes from different places in the Miño Valley. Specifically, we are in Ferreiros-Coles, in a unique enclave a short distance from the banks of the Miño river and being adjacent to the Ribeira Sacra
  • Harvest date: 1st - 15 th September 2020
  • Bottles: 6400.

com_pasión 2019

  • Location of the vineyards: Grapes from several selected plots of land in Cebreros. Soil: Granite. Silt-sandy texture. Depth of soil from 50 to 100 cm. Altitude between 800 and 850 m . . . Age 50 to 70 years Orientation: Southeast, North, Northeast
  • Viticulture: Vineyard on bush, with old vines. Natural fertilizer without the use of herbicides.
  • Characteristics: Wine from several plots of land located in the Alberche de Cebreros Valley.
  • Elaboration: Manual harvest. Grape stripped by 70%. Native yeasts. Fermentation in 8,000 litre cement tanks. Fermentations from 15 to 20 days. Ageing in a 55 hl French oak vat. 8 months old. Not subjected to stabilization and clarification processes.
  • Variety: 100% Grenache
  • D. O. Cebreros: Cebreros is located in the centre of Spain, in the south of the province of Ávila, bordering the provinces of Madrid and Toledo. Located in the Central Iberian System between the Alber-che river, which gives its name to the valley in which it is located (Alberche Valley) and the Tiétar Valley in the foothills of the Credos mountain range, separating both basins and providing various microclimates, more continental-Atlantic in the Alberche and more Mediterranean in the Tiétar, which give the fruits their own characteristics, differentiated according to the area of the vineyard, as well as the terroir in which the vines are located and the altitude of the area.
  • Date of Harvest : From 1 to 15 September 2019
  • Bottles: 7.000 bottles.

carpentum 2020

Carpentum, a word of Latin origin, used by the Romans to name chariots with a roof supported by four columns and pulled by horses. Also used to nominate the craftsmen who made them.
"Dedicated to our father, Mariano Maestre, carpenter, who continues to work the vineyard with his hands".

  • Location of the vineyards: Grape from Mancenra de Arriba, in the Sierra de Ávila. Soil: Sandy. Decomposition of calanea and granitoids. Altitude: 1050 m. Age: Over 80 years old. Orientation: North.
  • Viticulture: Vineyard on bush, with old vines. Natural fertilizer without the use of herbicides.
  • Characteristics: Wine from the Cruz de las Dehesas area. Sierra Avila. Up way. Valley of the river Zamplón, a tributary of the Duero River that originates in the Sierra.
  • Elaboration: Manual harvest. Grape stripped 100%. Native yeasts. Fermentation in 300 and 400 litre earthenware vats Ageing in 250 litre lightly toasted French oak barrels and 500 litre stainless steel barrels. Not subjected to stabilization and clarification processes.
  • Variety: 100% Grenache


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